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MEETING YOUR NEEDS   MMV finances companies at all stages of development. This ranges from companies that are pre-revenue, having received their Series A round of financing, to mature companies with an established revenue base that have received multiple rounds of equity capital. Clearly, the nature and profile of each company along this continuum is unique with its own nuances. As a result we always begin the process of providing financing to a prospective company with members of the MMV team meeting with management. Our goal is to get a deep understanding of the dynamics of the Company including its sales and marketing, competitive differentiation, finances, human capital, etc. We then develop a structure that meets the current and future needs of your company.

Our loans range in size from $1.5MM to $10.0MM. The term of a loan ranges typically ranges from 36 to 42 months. There is usually an interest only period followed by monthly amortization until the loan is repaid. We can advance the required capital at closing or stagger it over time. Importantly, we require no financial covenants. This means you get full access to the capital. We are also willing to subordinate to a bank operating line and have established inter-lender agreements with most banks that are active in the technology ecosystem in North America. We require warrants to purchase equity on every deal. These are negotiated on a case by case basis and take into account a company’s share structure, most recent post money valuation, etc.

MMV’s objective, having reached agreement with a management team on a term sheet, is to close the financing within 4 to 6 weeks. This final due diligence process involves further analysis into the areas mentioned above plus calls with customers and a company’s venture capitalists. We have in-house counsel to speed up the closing process after final in-house approval to go forward with a loan.

Broadly speaking we have three types of products to offer. These include venture debt financing, bridge loans, and structured loans that can be tailored to each company's specific situation.






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